2016 Pavement Rehabilitation Project

Construction Advisories

General Contractor

The bids were opened on February 4th, 2016 and the contract was awarded to Alamp Concrete Contractors.

Roads to be Rehabilitated in 2016

Ashley Lane
Blackberry Court
Carriage Hill Circle
Checkerberry Court
Claridge Drive
Crestfield Avenue (Dymond Road to Fairlawn Avenue)
Elderberry Drive
Ellis Avenue, East
Ellis Avenue, West (Milwaukee Avenue to west of Wheeler Court)
Ellis Avenue, West (Winchester Road to Merrill Court)
Fairlawn Avenue (Dymond Road to 143 W of Dawes Street)
Florsheim Drive
Hackberry Court
Johnson Avenue
Kempton Drive
Lingonberry Court
Merrill Court
Mulberry Drive
Newcastle Drive (Old Barn Circle to W. Line Wineberry Subdivision)
Newcastle Drive (W. Line Wineberry Subdivision to east end)
Oxford Court
Plumwood Drive
Portwine Court
Portwine Drive
Ronan Court
Sussex Lane (Claridge Drive to Wellington Avenue)
Sussex Lane (Wellington Avenue to Trinity Place)
Trinity Place (Claridge Drive to Sussex Lane/Oxford Court)
Trinity Place (north of Sussex Lane)
Vineyard Lane
Walnut Street
Wellington Avenue
Wheeler Court